◎ Features
Through optimal heat treatment, a beautiful crystallized crack is formed to make a unique visual effect through this functional ink
◎ Common Properties
Finishing : Light Pale Clear
Drying Method : Heat Resistant
◎ Painting Specs
Uses : Glass, Metal, Plastic, Paper, etc
Surface : Completely removes oil, dust, water and other contaminants.
Compound : Because it can sedimentate, mix before use
Drying Conditions : 170℃ / 5~10 minutes (When printing on glass),
                                 120℃ / 5~10 minutes (When applying on other fabrics)
Mesh used : #80~100 mesh
Dilution : Uses original liquid.
               When diluted, the unique features of product can be lossed.
Piece width : 25±5㎛ (Dried piece standard)
Wrapping units : 4kg (CAN), 20kg (PE canister)
Remarks :

Store in cool area with room temperature between 0~25℃ and avoid direct sunlight during loading, transportation and storing.
Clean tools to be used prior to printing.
Always enclose leftover ink before storing.
Do not inhale for long-terms and work only with sufficient ventilation.