◎ Features
Heat-dried ink where its properties are formed at appropriate temperatures.
It has a soft touch, high gloss, flexibility, non-slipping, and excellent elasticity.
◎ Recommended Uses
Sox for children, various cotton gloves, etc.
◎ Properties of Product

Hardening: Heated drying type
Luster: Glossy
Exterior: 12 basic colors
◎ Directions

Recommended mesh: #10~100
Ink consumed: 1 cotton glove/7g
Drying method: Heated drying (160℃/3 minutes)

Dilution: Uses undiluted solvent or use designated dilution solvent Using other solvents to dilute
             may cause the ink to lose its unique properties and therefore is prohibited
◎ Storage Method
Avoid direct sunlight and flames.
Store in dry and cool area. Avoid humidity.
Tightly close cap when unused.
◎ Handling Methods
Wear gloves. Wash for 15 minutes with running water and soap in the case that the solvent enters the eyes.
◎ Wrapping Unit