1993. 9.   Established Daeyang Hwaseong (Janggi-dong, Gimpo)
1993. 11.

  Developed and sales of Screen Printing Ink (UV Type)
(Currently 90,000kg/year)
1994. 3.

  Begin production of Plastic Ink and Textile Ink
(Currently 130,000kg/year)
1994. 10.

  Participated in the Beijing International Printing Materials Exhibit in China
1995. 6.

  Began exporting to China (UV Etching Ink, First year 55,000kg/year)
Currently shipping 'Cheong-gwang-jang' cases for the Korea Ginseng Corporation and other health-food cases (Currently 120,000kg/year)
1995. 8.

  Established branch office in Hangzhou, China (Kukjin Printing Materials Corporation)
1996. 7.   Participated in the Shanghai Printing Materials Exhibit in China
1996. 10.
  Developed functional UV ink (Wrinkled and bubbled pattern)
1997. 4.

  Export to China, Phillipines, Indonesia, Plastisol ink (Currently 300,000kg/year)
Developed UV ink for thick coating, domestic and overseas sales
1997. 10.

  Established corporation in Guangdongsheng (Guangzhou) in China
1998. 11.   Developed and sales of metal (PCM steel plate) ink
2000. 7.   Moved plant (Daegot-meyon Gimpo)
2000. 8.

  Developed OPP laminating UV ink
Used for whiskey cases such as Imperial, Ballentine, Scoth Blue, Windsor
2003. 8.   Completed development of PCM Roll Printing Ink (45m/min)
2004. 1.   Development and sales of ink for use in glass
2006. 2.   Transformed to corporate Daeyang SPI Co., Ltd