Adhesive (dy-434)
◎ Features
Strong adhesiveness and elasticity, excellent washing after-treatment
◎ Property of Product

Hardening: Natural drying, heated drying
Exterior: Pale yellow-colored liquid
◎ Recommended Uses
Toothbrush cases, rubber paper and other adhesives.
◎ Object for printing
T/C, OXFORD, NYLON, Coating fabrics, pvc, urethane
◎ Directions

Recommended mesh: #100 ~ #200
Ink consumed: Approximately 40~60㎡/kg
Drying method: Natural drying, heated (50-80℃) drying can reduce drying time.
Dilution: Designated dilution solutions
◎ Storage method
Avoid direct sunlight and flames
Store in cool, dry and dark area.
Close cap when not using.
◎ Handling Methods
Wear gloves. Wash for 15 minutes with running water and soap in the case that the solvent enters the eyes.