I would first like to thank our customers who helped Daeyang SPI Co., Ltd grow to what it is today through their support and encouragement.

Since establishment in September 1993, we have continuously repeated research and development to advance our screen ink manufacturing technologies.

Through abundant experience and accumulated technologies, we are now in a period of transformation to become even more advanced in the near future.

By developing advanced technology and fostering the best human resources, we plan to become a world-class ink manufacturing company and also be an eternal partner in the screen printing industry.
In order to quickly respond to the rapidly changing environment in this millenium, our goal is based on a future-inclined and technology-inclined philosophy, and through a strong foundation of integrity in the domestic and foreign arenas, as well as accumulated technologies, we will trek our way into the global market.

We promise to continue to march forward in order to repay the support from our customers with only the best services and we humbly ask for your continuous criticism and advice.
Daeyang SPI Co., Ltd. CEO Lee Jae-Woong