Normal Ink for Solvent Types(Solvent Type)
◎ Features
32 basic colors using evaporation drying method; there are various types depending on the use and printing object to be used through screen printing.
◎ Product Outline
Ink Type
Materials and Use
Drying Conditions
and Mesh used
ABS, NAME PLATE, Package, CCP gold and silver, PC, treated PET FILM, PVC, sticker, electronics parts, etc
Room Temp/ 10~20 minutes 40~50℃ heat/30seconds
Light, weather, abrasion proof, adhesive and excellent surface gloss used in many areas and HP type with high concealment, T black, T white, etc
Hard and soft PVC, ACRYL, paper,
Room Temp 10~20 min 40~50℃ heat/20seconds Mesh used #300
Reasonable priced normal evaporation drying type ink and dries quickly has low smell and no broking effects
Polyester film, various plastics, nylon, compound fibers, decal, membrane switch, electronics, advertisement, etc
Room Temp 12 hours 50℃/20 min Mesh used #300
Wide adhesion range and abrasion proof with excellent concealment, chemical proof and highly flexible. Through forceful drying (50℃ heat wave) and solidifier, adhesiveness can be increased much higher.
Polyester, tent fabric, nylon, oxford, polyurethene, T/C fabrics, rubber products, labels, leathers, etc
Direct: Room Temp 30-40 min Elec resistant:180℃/10 sec Mesh used #200~300
Excellent adhesiveness, flexibility, elasticity and wash proof. 1 and 2 liquid types available for rubber or direct use.
PP, OPP Film, PP file, UV Offset print face, etc
Room Temp 12 hours 50℃/20 min Mesh used #300
No wrinkles during high-speed drying and durability and adhesiveness increased using forceful drying (50℃ heat wave)
Room Temp 10-20 min Mesh used #300~420
Used in high definition POP ads for household electronics
Eundedlon, etc
Room Temp 20-30 min Mesh used #180~200
Used for etching effects and pop up ads
Color Ink
Bus advertisement and outdoor advertisements
Different depending on ink type used
Great resistance against light and heat. Can be used in mesh printing